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Creative, Effective & Result Oriented HR Solution

Virtuzo’s HRMS is a Wholesome “HR Consulting System” Information Technology (IT) Solution that proficiently integrates various Internal HR activities & Progressions to achieve Organization’s objectives.

Virtuzo’s HRMS “Payroll Administration Tool” automates the Salary procedure; It amalgamates the Staff Salary structure with Tax & other Deductions, Employee attendance, Approved Leaves & successfully creates the Salary Slips of each employee. This system also emails the salary Slip to each individual on his email ID at the fixed day of every month.

The employees have wide range of options available like downloading their Salary Slips anytime; applying Leaves online, Marking OD’s, checking their attendance records, Fill their Annual Appraisal Forms .Effective Managerial Tools are also available like Team turnout, Leaves Approval, Career Progression etc.

Mobile Application allows the Sales Team & other On Field Staff to mark their attendance via Phones, This application provides the current Location of the employee along with Time & date of attendance in HR records.

Virtuzo’s HRMS manages the complete Life Cycle of the employee, From On Boarding process to maintaining Previous Records, Saving personal information of the employee, it handles everything in efficient manner.

HRMS also supports to “Fast Track Growth” of Star Performer employees by categorizing the employees on the basis of their annual performance & management reviews.

HRMS generates Customized reports required by various Functions, Departments for effective control & employee benefits.